Advantages of Stengulf Formwork

High quality Formwork panels ensure consistency of dimensions. On the removal of the formwork mould a high quality concrete finish is produced to accurate tolerances and verticality. The high tolerance of the finish means that no further plastering is required.

The Advantages of this system are…

The stengulf formwork is specifically designed to allow rapid construction of all types of architectural layouts:

  1. Total system forms the complete concrete structure
  2. Custom designed to suit project requirements
  3. Unsurpassed construction speed
  4. High quality finish.
  5. Cost effective
  6. Panels can be reused up to 250 times
  7. Erected using unskilled labour

Quality and speed must be given due consideration along with economy. Good quality construction will never deter to projects speed nor should it be uneconomical. In fact, time consuming repairs and modifications due to poor quality work generally delay the job and cause additional financial impact on the project.

Some experts feel that housing alternatives with low maintenance requirements may be preferred even if the initial cost is high.  Without regular cleaning of the formwork, sedimentation of unwanted contaminants will continue. Furthermore, the lack of this necessary and neglected service can only lead to a number of unnecessary economic consequences.

In general, only flawless formwork can promise a costeffective result, such that regular cleaning of formwork is economically and technically sensible. Of course, not only is the result of this cleaning process important, but also the conservation of the formwork. This can be achieved through the use of the necessary technical equipment during cleaning and reparation of the formwork.

Cleaning and repairs maintain the formwork in good working condition

Good and economic results in construction can only be achieved through the use of widely flawless formwork. With the passing of time, signs of wear and the accruement of sedimentation begin to show on the formwork. Cleaning formwork can aid in bringing the formwork back to its original state. In addition, repairing services are offered in cases where the formwork has suffered damages or when intensive vestiges appear owing to usage, leaving the formwork looking almost new.

Cleaning and reparation should be left at the hands of professionals if it to be done well The formwork used for cleaning today in many modern devices that allow the good and economical cleaning of formwork.

Cleaning and reparation of formwork allow for cost-effectiveness . Reparation reduces the damages caused by wear and increase the service life of the formwork. In general, tools being used begin to show signs of wear over time. The same hold true for formwork even when subject to regular maintenance. Repairing or refurbishing the formwork is needed when simple maintenance no longer sufficient in bringing the condition of the formwork back into a ready for use state During repairing of refurbishing, various technical solutions and procedures are applied, allowing even the more complicated challenges to be successfully overcome. For example, an old plywood surface may be replaced with a new one.

The refurbishment allows for a cost-effective and value for money solution that considerably extends the service life of the formwork without reducing the formworks efficiency. After refurbishment however, it is necessary that the formwork undergo regular maintenance (cleaning) in order to continually achieve the best results.