The Most Reliable Products High Quality Service STENGULF FZCO a company specialized in development and application of all kind of Steel Fabrication products used in Civil engineering industry. It is capable of providing the construction units with series of high quality services, covering engineering technical consultation, conceptual design as well as production, distribution, and onsite technical direction. The company attaches great importance to the international technical communication and cooperation, and has successfully and independently designed and developed series of products of international standard.  We are looking forward to the correspondences from friends in all walks of life, and expect them to visit our company for communication We will seek the concurrent development with everybody based on the principle of faithfulness and honesty.
Since 1986, we have been developing, manufacturing and selling all kind of systems to provide solutions for all types of buildings and civil works projects We are specialized in development and application of systems that is capable of providing the construction industry with series of high quality services, covering engineering technical consultation, conceptual design as well as production, distribution, renting and on-site technical direction We attach great importance to quality and service and have successfully and independently designed and developed series of products of international standard. Owing to many years’ of on-site practice, the company has accumulated abundant experiences in civil engineering and building and has established cooperative partnerships with many construction contractors in various countries Our Products are notable for their high degree of innovation, both on a technical and on a functional level, and for the top quality materials used in them, to guarantee the strength and durability of their components.
The advantages of our systems and our personalized customer relationships, have led to rapid growth and consolidation of our company Innovation, quality and service are the basis of our business strategy, which, carried forward by our work team, trained in-house in the most advanced production and management techniques, allow us to view the future with optimism, and with the certainty that we shall be able to offer our customers the best possible collaboration.
Creating sustainable systems will move forward the construction industry into sustainable construction initiatives. The study aims to identify the basic benchmarks for sustainable system. Sustainable system benchmarks can be divided into two main categories; environmental such as (Waste generation, Using renewable material and Material efficiency), economical such as (Installation cost, Cost in-use, Life-cycle cost, and serviceability), and social such as (Safety assessment & safety design, Direct employment, and fire resistance), which covers all activities and processes related to our systems. Identification of the sustainable system elements and properties can assist developers and others stakeholders to evaluate the performance of the system in order to make enhancement to the system.
Our systems has significant role in the construction process, making the right decision by choosing the appropriate system could lead to response to sustainable construction. A Sustainable system could be benchmarks in the balance of three main categories; environmental, economical, and social thus it will cover all activities and processes related to our system. The research outcomes will develop new guidelines and tools to evaluate the project sustainability performance. The identification of sustainability measures for our system will help the decision makers to evaluate the system and determine the technology to use.
Stengulf Company is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. Our pledge is to establish long lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.
SAFETY – Safety is a moral obligation. Our goal is to attain and sustain a zero incident frequency. TEAMWORK – We believe that the best results are achieved when everyone works together; our staff, our clients, our consultants, and our subcontractors and suppliers.
HONESTY & INTEGRITY – We do what we say. We are always honest, truthful and conduct ourselves with integrity.
FAIRNESS – We treat others as we wish to be treated.
PROFESSIONALISM & EXCELLENCE – We conduct ourselves in a manner of which we are proud; as individuals, and as representatives of our company and industry.
PERSONAL GROWTH – We support our employees in their goal to expand their skills and experience. We believe that employees are entitled to meaningful, satisfying work as they help advance the goals of the company.
CLIENT SATISFACTION -Client satisfaction is our future business. Our goal is to move beyond client satisfaction to client loyalty by completing our work in the field and in the office on schedule, and by paying attention to the details.
COMMITMENT & DISCIPLINE – We understand that self-discipline and commitment are the foundations of our corporate and personal success.
CORPORATE ORGANIZATION – Our business is organized into districts with responsibility for their own profit performance. We recognize that the best results are achieved when all districts work together to achieve the overall goals of the company. Joint district conducted initiatives share profits on an equitable basis. Rewards for the members of the district are based on the performance of the district and the individual’s contribution.
SCHEDULE – We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve challenging schedule goals.
QUALITY – Our clients deserve to have their job executed properly the first time. Quality is a requirement, not only of the final product, but also in our relationships with our clients and business partners.
FOCUS ON AREAS OF EXPERTISE – We are a disciplined Company that focuses on market areas where we have expertise and where we are, or can be, market leaders.
VALUE CREATION – We use our expertise and creativity to enhance the value of the services we provide to our clients and our company.
LOYALTY – We place a high value on our dedicated and loyal employees. They are the lifeblood of the company and deserve loyalty in return.
PROFITABILITY – The sustainability of the company for the benefit of our employees and shareholders is only achievable if it generates a fair profit. We strive toward this goal, but always operating in accordance with our values